Vraiment is a well known user of ASDF forums, mostly for being Keja's Number 1 Fan.


Vraiment was born in old Mexico in 1985, as a promotional child in conjunction with the release of the film Back to the Future. While growing up he joined various street gangs, most notably The Burrito Banditos from Baja California. He was arrested many times for crimes he committed while part of these gangs.

In late 2008, he found ASDF forums, and through the forum, the user Keja, who Vraiment idolises and models his life on. Keja is reported to be flattered by Vraiment's acts, but has recently distanced himself from his worshipper when Vraiment was reported to have sacrificed Uggos in the name of Keja.

ASDF Accomplishments

Vraiment was voted Most annoying member in the 2008 ASDF awards. It is not known whether or not he was please at winning.