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"Shai doesn't know any girls." ~ keja on Shai'tan's social life.
"I'm not easily scared. You are." ~ Forrestkeys on Shai'tan's bravery
"I'm too lazy" ~ Shai'tan on Shai'tan's flaws
"Shai'tan gave back my star. But then atom ate it."~ bookgeek98 on Shai'tan's Atomtengeralattjaro

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Sense is a substance that is very hard, if not impossible, to make. Snarl gnarl.

Sense does not make you, this has been proved by scientists who tried sense-making, but their attempt resulted in a tremendously epic failure.

Tests have proven that sense is very dangerous, it can even cause severe brain damage if taken in excess. Avoid sense at all costs!

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