Shai'tan is a being not dissimilar to Keja, the globally famous Space Cowboy featured in human music. Shai'tan is found stalking areas such as ASDFville and even Norway (yes, I didn't even know anything happened there either, but apparently, it's the best country in the world, with less than two percent unemployment, among other things).

Biography Edit

Shai'tan, well known for his large use of his wit to outdo both and humans and Keja mentally, wit being one of the characteristics not found to be excelerated in Keja's mind. Shai'tan has also been found to enjoy classic rock, among other types of music, to be entertaining. Shai, before the times of Keja, was thought to be among the greatest, most attractive, and by all means the cleverest of all of the universe's beings, and many still view them as the greatest, as Keja is often thought of as a divine or supernatural creature.

ASDF Accomplishments Edit

Shai was made a Global Moderator after having been a General and Art? Moderator for a couple of time periods, along with moderating the Games section before that. He has also won ASDF awards for the Friendliest member in 2008 and the Most contributive and helperness member in 2009.