Quest for the Magical Cookie has been possibly one of the most successful RPs in the history of ASDF.


The main story of the RP was that JKL; had stolen ASDF's magical cookie, and several questers had to go on a quest to get it back. Several people partook, including asdfkumquat, Shai'tan, Ml08180, Sora, Flying Sheep, BenBen, Gamma, bjrocks1, Yoshi256, and Blargen, who created the RP.


(I am not sure if this is true, please delete this part if you can verify it)

Blargen may have gotten the idea for QftMC from a small animation, showing that JKL; stole ASDF's cookie.


YuGiOh CardsEdit

BenBen decided to make YuGiOh cards of the people who participated in QftMC using the YuGiOh Card Maker. He created about 12, the got bored.

The GameEdit

Gamma decided to create a QftMC game using GameMaker7. He never got past making Blargen, and it was decided the the game sucked. BenBen also decided to make a flash game version, but it never got past the planning stage, as he had trouble with the basics of platforming in flash.

QWERTY's BladeEdit

QWERTY's Blade was a spinoff of QftMC, which was created by Yoshi256. It lasted for a few weeks, the got locked due to inactivity.


The Quest for the Magical Cookie has ended, but certain people are still posting about their characters life after QftMC. A seconday storyline is being started by a new member, but inactivity may claim the thread before it kicks off.