Philtom is the mysterious Admin of ASDF forums, and possibly the owner of the ASDF website. He's pretty cool.

Biography Edit

Philtom studied as the apprentice of Leonardo Da Vinci from the years 1656 to 1660. During this time he helped build the Atomtengeralattjaro, the world famous nuclear submarine. He personally built the Computer personality CX Gamer, which he later installed into Atomtengeralattjaro. when his time with Leonardo came to an end, Philtom began to travel the world, searching all the while for a place to settle down and start a new life.  many years on, Philtom found a large mass of unclaimed land, which was soon to become the kingdom of ASDF. in the year 2007, the kingdom of ASDF had become a thriving community, with ASDFville as the capital, in the centre of the country. He ruled from his castle, occasionally coming down to meet with the local city-dwellers, offering them his advice, or conversing a common interest with them.

ASDF Accomplishments Edit

He created and runs the forum, which automatically makes him the greatest user on the forum (excluding all knowledge of Keja).