Necroposting is an act of posting in a thread that has no active biological functions. It is an action similar to digging out a rotten body from a grave to perfrom autopsy. It commonly causes public fright, or even disgust.

Effects of a necropost Edit

  • Positive effects:
If a person who witnessed a necropost survives without severe damage, they might enjoy reading an old thread they participated in, and have some nostalgic moments, but this is unlikely, mostly because of the serious brain damage they've most likely suffered.
No other positive effects are known.

  • Negative effects:
Threads necroposted out of their peaceful tranquility have proven to have a very short but painful "afterlife". During this unpleasant period, they tend to suffer from headache, diarrhea, sometimes disorientation, and in most cases, elevated boredom level.
People witnessing necroposts are usually unalarmed by the title of the thread at first, as they don't remember they've seen it. This increases the shock they experience when realizing the enormous timespan between two of the last posts in the thread.
Unlucky victims witnessing a necrpost are usually reported with one or more of the following symptoms: 

A poster demotivating necroposters

  1. Various intestinal malfunctions
  2. Severe brain damage
  3. Increased salivation
  4. Chance of epileptic seizure
  5. Urge to end a life / end more lives

How to avoid necroposting Edit

When reading old threads, never bring a spade with you so you can't dig them out.