Nastel is a word. It means nasty AND cruel at the same time. It can be pronounced in various ways.


The word nastel was made up on the ASDForums in 2007. It was born from the secret and unorthodox marriage of Nasty, a [censored] [censored], and Cruel, a Swedish knight made out of paper.


Nastel has the ability to have two meanings at the same time, nasty and cruel. This ability makes it a one of a kind word, and I could possibly go on and praise its usefulness and simplicity and how it makes our world a better place by saving on energy and ink, and excercising our brain while entertaining us at the same time, but I think it would be pointless as soon all the world will know this word, it will be taught in school, and there you go, goodbye poverty and wars!

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Nastel has a twin brother, Crusty, but he's ugly and nobody cares about him. His cousin though, Strodd, is quite famous.