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Most dark alleys contain traces of Ml08180, although if you smell hard enough, you can find a door that leads down the road of kittens and sunshine that when followed, will take you to a small little cottage in the forest. Go inside this cottage and enter the basement where you will find a door standing in the middle of the floor. Go through this door, as it is the back door to Narnia, where you must cross the sea of Flying Dingbats and the plains of The Flying Butresses. After two weeks of traveling North-East, you'll encounter a mounian.

Climb this mountian. When you get to the top, jump off the North-West side at a 64 degree angle and if you're lucky, you'll wind up inside a volcano. You will be magically saved by the Griffin of Life who will scold you for being so stupid as to jump into a volcano, I mean really, why would you do that? After he finishes talking, request to be taken to the fluffy pastures of puppies and rainbows and sunshine and eternal suffering. When he refuses, use a hatchet to behead him. Run there, laughing and carrying the head all the way.

When you arrive, you will realize that it was a bad idea to come to a place that has "eternal suffering" in the name, and go back to the dead griffin. Leave the griffin's head and go home. You have not found Ml08180, because Ml08180 is unfindable.

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Ml wrote/is currently writing the story One Chance, but is too lazy and into writing it to release the 30+ chapters he has written. That's about it, because ML08180 is lazy and doesn't feel like doing much else.

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Ml08180 loves cheese

Ml08180's favorite color is blue

Ml08180 is addicted to coffee