Lunar Furor: Roleplay mod, Poet, Superhero Edit

Lunar Furor, Hero of the land using my powers of Funk to keep everything groovy. I put things back into order keeping a nice groove, and keeping that groove in the pocket. His music has healing powers because funk not only moves it can remove. In fact things can get so funky he can actually control gravity, getting all up for the down stroke is no longer just a phrase. So if you're in trouble just call for the Furor to Funk stuff up. he not only gets funky but I'm a poet of many subjects, a word magician of love, a vocal manufacturer. My rhymes will move you and soothe you, so step back, take a seat, and prepare to be amused.



What he do?Edit

A note from Lunar Furor himself Edit

I'll tell you for I am he and he is me. I play sax, bass, and other instruments of the family, I write, I draw and moderate. I go to class for my music major, and I make videos for youtube from time to time, LunarFuror's Channel.