Some peole call him the Space Cowboy, yeah, some call him the gangster of love. Some people call him Maurice, wah-wah, 'cause he speaks of the pompatus of love.


Keja was created in Outer Space In the Earth year 1993, who traveled to earth from his rock and became known by all in the land of ASDF. He's a super cool, snappy dressing, Glam Rock Space Cowboy with a soul made of KISS LP sleeves. Keja is structured differently to humans buts shares the core characteristics found in most humans. Many characteristics set him apart though, such as a passion for classic rock, good looks and an ability to look good in whatever clothes are available. The main difference between Keja and Humans is that many of the well known characteristics are enhanced, especially the good looks, but as a downside, Keja has developed a seemingly egotistic but well deserved sense of greatness.

ASDF Accomplishments

Keja won the most delving into ASDFism award in the 2008 ASDF awards as well as in 2009, and is a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything. Being the leader of the Temple of ASDF, or " The Glam Papal" as he likes to call himself, he is also leader of the congregation's corresponding forum usergroup.