Come on, tell me, who is Hobobuster?Edit

Hobobuster is a specimen of fungi fun guy, one who has been enlightened in the ways of ASDF in its ancient times, in the year of 2007. He has since contributed countless times to ASDF's glory.

Hobobuster's name, as pointed out by several people, is quite ambiguous, as it implies he is either a buster of hobos, or a hobo who is busting.. well, something.

Let me quote him:

"But i have always thought of it as a double sided blade. Se cuz yeah, sounds bad, like busting hobo's in the face and all that... OR it could mean I am a buster of hobo-ism, saving all those homeless train hoppers by helping them not be hobos any longer "

After a long absence, Hobobuster returned to the ASDForums in October 2011.

ASDF accomplishmentsEdit

Made it to the Wall of Fame, and later moved onto the Wall of Legendary.

Started a game development project called "ASDF RPG" (on indefinite hiatus).

Was a moderator before his hiatus.

etc, etc.