The Giant Enemy Crab (Latin Grapsus Gargantus) Is a now extinct species of crab that grew to enormous sizes, dwarfing many early Japanese settlements. For crabs, they were highly intelligent, and had their own religious beliefs, usually regarding JKL; as the ultimate power and creator of all life. Very agressive in nature, Giant Enemy Crabs often attacked tribes in ancient Japan, where the species originated from. They were especially agressive to ASDF worshippers, as their religious beliefs greatly conflicted.


The people of Japan discovered a weak point on the skeletal armour of the Giant Enemy Crabs, on thier underside. Many ancient Japanese hunters and warriors were sent out to the wilderness to exploit their new discovery. The hunters would set traps that would flip the crabs, imobilising them. The warriors would then proceed to attack the Crabs' weak points, inflicting what they refered to as "MASSIVE DAMAGE". This act drove the Giant Enemy Crab to extnction.