Froggychum joined the ASDF Forum in April, 2017. He reigns from Canada. His favorite animals are frogs. The star of The Angel from Ontario rose up in the end of one year of the twenty-first century , which has a palindrome number.

He became known for his charisma, in a positive sense. He is amongst the members, who want to show that they would be a friend of everyone, who wants. He earned the hearts of many other ASDF users and members by his kindness and friendliness.

Froggychum is the proud leader of his own super hero franchise, which includes also Atomtengeralattjaro, Ivokyuftaf6666, Uly, Anonymously Famous, Evai and Shai`tan.

Froggychum has also played a lot of ASDF games with users, like Anonymously Famous, Uly and Ivokyuftaf6666.

Froggychum and Ivokyuftaf6666 contributed a lot for the "Would you rather" Game to reach the 10 most played games on ASDF; and, , also, to the Alphabetic Posting game, to become one of the 5 most played games on ASDF. They did it by moves of a very high quality, indeed.

The "Would you rather" game loves Froggychum and Ivokyuftaf6666 with its whole heart. Without them, it would be a game with popularity, just above th average. thanks to them, the Would you rather" game enjoys the honor of being one of the 10 most played ASDF games for all time.

Froggychum likes ASDF and its users, as well, as cats, dogs, games and food. He likes saying the exclamation "Reeeeee!". He hates xenophobia, chauvinism and people, who like xenophobia and chauvinism.