Double posting is a sin punishable by death. Those who double post against the high moderators' wishes deserve to, and eventually will die. So says ASDF.

What Double Posting Is Edit

For people who don't already know, and half-wits who have forgotten since the last time they were told.Edit

Double posting is a group of two posts in order, both of which have been posted by the same user. This is rude, not to mention irritating to other users, so it's best not to do it. On some forums, such as ASDF, double posting has changed from a faux-pas to an action seen by many as a crime (just like necroposting). I've pretty much explained the whole thing in two sentences, so I'll ramble for a while. This was originally written by a fellow called Keja, and he was one of the best fellows to ever exist. This wasn't written by anyone called Russ, because nobody calls their children names like that any more. I think my dinner might be ready soon, I'll go and check... I just remembered I already ate it a few hours ago. I suppose this fills enough space for it to be considered an article now.