Cookies were made in a factory. But 'twas no ordinary factory, 'Twas the factory of all things nice and wonderful. At first, the cookies were not accepted into society, for their deliciousness frightened people. However, once people realized that cookies were delicious, and that ASDF enjoyed the consumption of the cookies, people ate the cookies. They had learned that cookies were not to be frightened of, but to be enjoyed.


Despite its shake beginnings, cookies are now accepted as a universal currency. Other than its uses as currency, it has many other uses.

Chocolate chip cookie

This is a cookie.


  1. Consumption
  2. Currency
  3. Inspiration for artists
  4. Insulation
  5. Sacrifice to ASDF
  6. Blanket
  7. Fish bait
  8. Cake contender
  9. Housing material

Rivalry with cakeEdit

The cookies had a long standing rivalry with cake. It is unclear which is the superior snack, but it had led to many conflicts over the years.

Battle of PortalEdit

As we all know, the game Portal made it very clear that the cake is a lie. This is was a major victory for the cookie, it being proved more true and real than cake.

Battle of ASDF forumsEdit

The Battle of ASDF forums started in 2007, coincidentally, on ASDF forums. Two factions existed, those who loved Cookies more than anything in existence, and those who refused to believe that cookies actually existed. We estimate that the battle subsided during 2008, but a second phase started in early 2009. It still rages on, with the death toll being over 9000.

thumb|302px|left|c is for cookie

Piecupcookies Edit

The original creation of piecupcookies was created by Shai'tan, by making a cookie shell, filling it with pie filling, and topping it with cupcake icing. It is known as the greatest idea since sliced bread and is almost as important a discovery as the can opener. This modern marvel brought the end to the problem of which to choose, but has not yet ended the Battle of ASDF forums.