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CX is an AI system aboard the Atomtengeralattjaro, a Hungarian nuclear submarine. He is also the first moderator of ASDF forums and is famous for a multitude of things, among which a quite notable one is that he held the highest poster position for a very long time, with over 35,000 posts.

Biography Edit

CX was built by Philtom, a computer engineer studying under Leonard Da Vinci. Although it is claimed that CX Gamer was built to serve as a second player for those who have no one to play with, not much evidence is shown for this. CX was installed into Atomtengeralattjaro's computer to serve as an autopilot sytem for when the crew sleeps, The Submarines conciousness bonded with the AI system and have been inseparable for many years. Notorious for poll making.

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Quote of the Timeperiod Edit

CX's high level intelligence eventually made him capable of controlling elements of the time-space continuum, and so he started measuring randomized periods of time.

In each timeperiod, a quote by a forum member is chosen by his evaluating program, which considers factors such as the current average temperature in southeastern Asia, the amount of fish consumed in Belgium, or the maximum number of colors that fit in a fridge.

Being in a Quote of the Timeperiod (QoTP) is considered a great honor, even greater than being eaten by CX.


On 7th August, 2010, CX Gamer announced that he's "turning in his badge", he left the ASDForums indefinitely. He also said that he might stop by every now and then.

He left behind 37826 posts.

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