Bookgeek98 likes to read. Bookgeek98 is female. Bookgeek98 hopes to be supreme leader of asdf, but knows that will never happen. She has achieved her goal of becoming well known in asdf forums like keja, who she is a great admirer of. Bookgeek98 keeps trying to steal cookies from atomtengeralattjaro. Bookgeek98 has cookies, but does not like sharing. Repeat, NOT. Bookgeek98 upsets other users with her cookie-related antics.

Biography Edit

Bookgeek98 Was born in 19XX in New Jersey, which is NOT a state. She read her first book at the age of six months, and geeked for the first time on her 2nd birthday. She left New Jersey briefly to start a career in crime. She became known my most as the cookie monstress of the infamous band of theives, The Burrito Banditos alongside Vraiment. Upon her return to New Jersey, several years later, she found her beloved home to have been destroyed by Fred Durst's clan of evil Nu Metal fans, who have since disappeared. She currently resides in Mexico's grandest palace, which has no name.

ASDF Accomplishments Edit

She is the bookiest, geekiest, 98iest of all ASDF forum users.

Famous QuoteEdit

"i hat evryone <3 :3"

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