BenBen has a name. It was eaten a long time ago, where he got a new name. Which is his old name doubled on itself. He is soooooooo old, he built a small ancient Egyptian stone, and named it after himself, just like most the people of the world do.


BenBen is rumoured to have existed sometime before the pyramids were built, which happened some time ago. He built a mini-pyramid, which is our only evidence of his true age. He came into the light of ASDF on Monday the 21st of June, 2010, at 1:43pm, AEST (His current local time)

The Benben StoneEdit

The Benben stone is some sort of an obelisk shaped pyramid that BenBen built long times ago to make himself feel special after the pyramids were built. He felt neglected because he didn't have a pyramid, so he built his own.


BenBen as attempted several contributions, but only his art escapeeds have really gone well. Both his RPs failed. He has managed to create his own ASDF rock song, a series of smileys created in Mincraft Classic, and a bunch of ASDFs made on his iPod Touch.

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