ASDF forums, an internet forum site attached to with a very small user base is the place where ASDF is most widely known. It was created in 2006-10-03 by the administrator, who is known only as philtom

.The forum itself consists of four sections, General, Art?, Roleplay and Games.

An early picture of the forum, in its phpBB2 days

The forum's users don't usually stay active for more than six months, with many of the original users not even known to the current ones.
There are a few exceptions however, such as the moderators and other users who may post something every month or so. The number of active users at one time barely reaches the teens.

General Edit

The most popular of the forum sections, general is visited and posted on by active users nearly every day. It features all important topics, such as the Welcoming Topic and the walls.

Wall of Fame Edit

The Wall of fame is the forums's most prestigious award, given to those who have greatly contributed to the forum and made it the Utopia it exists as today.

Wall of Shame Edit

The Wall of shame is the forums way of singling out the users of the forum who act violently or break the rules. Their crimes are inscribed next to their names for all to see.

Art? Edit

The art? Section is where any artistic material, such as paintings, sketches, digital art, written work or even jokes are displayed by one user for the others to admire. An art competition is held each year for the celebrated artists of the forum to compete for the number one spot.

Roleplay Edit

Roleplay is sadly the least active section of ASDF forums. It began due to the sudden swell of roleplayers using the forum, and the increase of roleplay threads. Roleplaying activity as since diminisged, partly due to the departure of many roleplaying members.

Games Edit

The final section of the forum, Games is the most recent addition, but nethertheless very popular among all users. It is a subforum created for forum games, games that are played by posting in specific game threads, abiding the rules of each game. Offtopic posting in this section is not allowed.