The ASDF Awards is an annual contest held on the ASDF Forums, at the end of each year, by the members of the ASDF community. It was first held in 2007 by W/E.

Purpose of the awardsEdit

The purpose is obviously to cause the winners to feel good about themselves and the non-winners to.. not feel better. People say it's not a form of elitism, rather just an exciting contest to vote on.


The ASDF Awards are given in several different categories, these include the following:

  • Friendliest member
  • Most random member
  • Most contributive and helperness member
  • Most delving into ASDF-ism member
  • Best art
  • Newcomer of the Year (became a regular category in 2010)
  • Guest category*

The guest category is a category that is different each year:

2008 Most Annoying Member
2009 Newcomer of the Year
2010 Best Roleplayer
2011 Funniest Member

The first Awards were held in 2007, there were only five categories then.


The process of choosing a winner consists of two elections. First everyone nominates three users for each category, then when the nominations are over, the three nominated users of each category are published, and everyone votes for one of the three, in each category. After a voting period, the results are displayed and the awards are given to the winners.

The rewardsEdit


A picture showing a bunch of ASDF award rewards that came together for a meeting and possibly some tea.

Winners get free cookies, Extra Deluxe Special Pat-On-The-Back™ 2000, $100000 Internet Money,

life insurance for a year (active for your online entity while on ASDF Forums, in safe conditions), an island in an ocean of choice on a planet of choice in a solar system of choice on a sheet of paper of choice, some junk, a cake in the face (don't tell anyone), oh, and the award picture. The winners are then allowed to put their superific award reward pictures in their forum signatures so that all the world can see.

The superific award reward pictures in 2007 and 2008 were made by W/E, and all the rest since then were made by ThingerDudes.

The 2010 rewards, having fun together

Award categories that didn't make it for nominationEdit

Most original username, Funniest member, Highest picture poster, Most creative user were put up for a vote, but have been dismissed. W/E had some original ideas, like Dumbest member or Biggest Bitch.[1]

A memorable suggestion by Arkannine, back in 2008:

"Best singing alien who has five legs and wear a hat made of ice and has a frien who likes stevie wonder but is not blind, because it would need its twenty eyes topoke all of a sudden and likes potatoes and french fries and onion rings and takes out the pickles at big mac when he goes to the mcdonalds restaurant with his three brothers, his father, his mother and his uncle who likes to wear a strange hat that sings (!!!) and likes to go to the mall, watch code lyoko and have a friend who have a friend, who have a girlfriend who thinks that mars is red, but does not know the alien that came from uranus, urinating in a soldier's head that is full of strange-looking flowers."

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