"ASDF is born to fight, trained to kill, ready to die, but never will."

~Daemonstool on ASDF

"Because ASDF is the mind of the internet and since ASDF is perfect in it's entirety, It is also the head. It's perfection means it needs not physical nutrition. ASDF's voice would make all deaf there fore ASDF needs not a mouth. Since ASDF rules the internet along with everything else ASDF is the head of the internet... so there is no mouth of the internet."

~Lunar Furor on ASDF

What is ASDF?Edit

ASDF is everything. ASDF is nothing. ASDF is green. ASDF likes JKL;. ASDF hates JKL;. ASDF is a four letter word, yet it also much more than that. ASDF is what most know as the universe, and is always growing. Although ASDF is fairly unknown to most people, they are all part of ASDF's divine being.

The Forum Edit

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ASDF forums is the messageboard section of, which has gathered a cult following. It, as part of featured as a popular entry of, even coming first place for a short period of time.

The Religion

Main article: ASDFism

ASDFism is a relatively new religion founded by the ASDF forum users. It mainly follows the beliefs written by user Keja, who declared himself the head of ASDFism in its early years.